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Patient Testimonials

I began treatment with Dr. Weir over a year ago for anxiety to ween off my prescribed medication. A year ago, I was getting treatment multiple times a month; now, only every few months. I feel more centered and relaxed after every treatment. Dr. Weir is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible. I feel very comfortable with her and notice a significant decrease in my anxiety. In addition to treating my anxiety, she treats my irregular menstrual cycles and shoulder discomfort.  Dr. Weir also provides excellent recommendations from diet to essential oils to better improve health. I would recommend Dr. Weir to anyone interested in acupuncture. 


I went to Annapolis Acupuncture & Integrative Healing on a recommendation from a relative. I called Kim a bit skeptical but with an open mind and my experience so far has been amazing. Becoming a client and setting up my first appointment was extremely easy. Kim is flexible and accommodating in scheduling and rescheduling appointments. I had constant sciatic nerve pain for almost a year, severe and constant pain around the the first joint of my right thumb for about 3 years, stabbing and intense nerve pains in my left arm as a result of a 1996 industrial accident. I also suffered from stress related issues and trouble sleeping most nights for most of my life. After just 4 treatments with Kim she has me 100% free of any and all sciatic nerve and thumb pain and no more shooting pains in my left arm. Now, I have been seeing Kim regularly for two years and I am more relaxed and focused than I have ever been and sleeping 8 hours a night almost every night. She is also successfully treating me for several issues that I would never associate with acupuncture. I have found Kim to be very pleasant, professional and extremely knowledgeable of her profession, not only with acupuncture but with diet and lifestyle issues as well. As a bonus, Annapolis Acupuncture and Integrative Healing accepts my health insurance. I have, and will continue, to highly recommend Annapolis Acupuncture & Integrative Healing.


Dr. Weir is a compassionate practitioner who listens to her patients and plots a treatment plan suited to their needs.  She always explains the treatment and tries hard to minimize any discomfort.  I heartily recommend her services.

- F.T.

I had been suffering with tinnitus for nearly a year before seeking out an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT), after ruling out anything "structural" causing the issue, my ENT suggested that I try acupuncture.  He said that many of his patients have had success using acupuncture.  I found Dr. Weir through my insurance company and an I glad that I did.  We met, and during our ini9tial consultation she was informative, explained not only the "HOW" of acupuncture, but more importantly the "WHY".  She took the time to explain what we planned on achieving through the process and what results I could reasonably expect.  In addition, she asked what other issues I might have been having.  I have been suffering from a torn rotator cuff for many years (the results of a career in law enforcement) and she addressed that as well.  I achieved almost immediate results with the shoulder and the tinnitus has been a slow and gradual progression.  Eventually my visits moved from weekly to bi-weekly, then monthly.  The tinnitus has been reduced greatly and is now manageable.  These results are the direct result of Dr. Weir and her attention to detail and consistently working to address the issues.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Weir for your acupuncture needs!

- Rob M.

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