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Our foundation of healing is based on nature. We use all natural products which will help your body heal. We believe the body is very wise and when we lead it to the right direction, will heal itself naturally.

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Based on the 5 Element principal comparing the body to nature and how the energetic meridians work together to bring the body to balance. I am also trained in 8 principle theory to find the way to resolve any chronic issues by reaching the root, rather than heal only branches which will cause the pain to return.

Chinese Herbs

An often misunderstood therapy about side effects much like pharmaceutical medications. However, when I prescribe a formula, I examine each herb and make sure there are no contra indications. If there are, I switch out the herb with no contra indication. All our Herbs are clean and FDA certified.

Zero Balance

This is an energetic modality working with the skeletal structure. You remain fully clothed on a massage table as I work on your whole body to bring it to its original state. This can be very helpful with bone or joint issues.

Natural Nutrition

Our Nutritionist will meet with you to discuss your issues and goals. She gets a clear understanding of both and researches the best diet plan for your life and educates you on the latest information available.

Lymphocyte Response Assay (LRA) Testing

Is LRA Testing Right for You? Good health means more than not being sick. When you're really healthy, your body is strong enough to resist attacks on your immune system that can lead to the development of chronic systems. Our staff are certified to provide the LRA Testing. Your results with come with a detailed report as well as an Alkaline Way handbook.

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