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Chinese Herbal Treatment Introduction Package

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Chinese Herbal Treatment Introduction Package

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Chinese Herbal Treatment Introduction Package includes:

  • Intake appointment (1 1/2 hour).  This appointment involves a through diagnostic to determine all the the patients issues and needs (which the patient may not consider treatable).  This includes checking pulses, body examination and tongue diagnose.  Once diagnosis is completed, the practitioner with determine the correct formula and will place an order which will be delievered to the patient.  

  • 3 followup treatments (15 minutes). The formula will be for 2 weeks, 2 times per day (on average) and the patient will scedule their next appoitment to determine we are on the right track, or if different needs arise.

*if the patient is already receiving acupuncture from the same practitioner, the "intake appointment' is not necessary.  Therefore, they can either purchase the followup Chinese Herb package or they can add $30 to their Acupuncture treatment if they are currently receiving treatments.  Please contact Dr. Kim for details (410) 263-2228 ext. 1



Chinese Herbs are extremely effective though there is a lot of concerns and wrong information on the web (like many things). Many people think Chinese Herbs can be harmful as they come from another country with different regulations. Though in many cases this is true, the companies I work with, make sure the herbs are exactly what they represent with no pesticides, or herbicides which may be harmful. They are clean and checked very thoroughly. Also, many people think they have side effects similar to pharmaceuticals. However, this is not the case. Many (not all) herbs have contradictions which a licences practitioner trained in Doctorate Oriental examines to see how it compares with the patient and anything they may also be taking. Should one herb in a formula not be appropriate for the patient, the practitioner can swap it out and replace it with another herb that has similar wanted effects without the same contradiction. This way the formula is specifically designed for the patient. There is NO pharmaceutical that is designed specifically for any patient (they all have side effects). Therefore, Chinese Herbs can actually be safer and more effective. *The price of this package DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COST OF THE HERB FORMULA (each formula can vary in price).


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