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Beckoning the Stork – Infertility Treatment Package

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Beckoning the Stork – Infertility Treatment Package

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Infertility Treatment Using

  • Sensitivity testing: Food/Chemicals/additives

  • Acupuncture

  • Chinese herbs

  • Supplementation

  • Coaching

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Infertility Treatment

Symptoms Addressed

  • Testing your blood to understand reactions you may have to:  Food, food additives, chemicals your exposed, pharmaceuticals.
  • Program, once your blood is tested, recommendations for correct food and supplements to eat cleanly and have no reactions, which may hold you back from successful pregnancy.
  • Supplements once your blood is tested you will receive recommended supplements which will strengthen your body and support your objective.
  • Moving your Qi; the energy in your body which helps your whole body work effectively, and removing blocks which may be keeping you from being pregnant.
  • Tips on food for you and your spouse, which will help strengthen your eggs and his sperm.

This package includes the following

  • 20 Acupuncture treatments (5 months), to assist getting pregnant and assist you to keep your fetus safe (preventing miscarriage in the first trimester).  ($2000 value)
  • Chinese Herbal formula to assist your pregnancy objective ($500 value)
  • Elisa Act blood test, to test for food/chemical reactions ($1422 value)
  • Supplements to support your body and your pregnancy objective ($300)
  • Coaching Flyer; for food and suggestions to keep you on track ($15 value

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